A Story to Tell

A story to tell

A Story to Tell

Richard Frost reminds us of the richness of story. Taking the stories of people who encountered Christ he reflects with them on the meaning of their relationship and asks how their story might resonate with our own. He encourages us to search our hearts for the story that lies deep within us all and that calls out for expression and friendship.
Mark Oakley

Everyone has a story to tell. Stories about living and learning. Some may feel theirs is less (or more) interesting than other people’s but every story is unique – and there is much to learn from all of them.

The Bible is full of stories. Jesus himself was a consummate storyteller. He met thousands of people. Each one had a story to tell both before and, without doubt, after they had encountered him.

A Story to Tell considers some of those stories. People who met Jesus – such as Nicodemus, the woman of Samaria, John, Mary & Martha, the man from the Gerasenes, Mary Magdalene and others. They tell stories which are relevant for 21st Century living. Stories of hope and healing, doubts and believing, love and loss, truth and misunderstanding and explores a range of issues including healing, wholeness, devotion, doubting, waiting, finding, betrayal and love. Abridged versions and new stories are also available online at A Story to Tell.

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