COMING SOON: Finding Stability in Times of Change

Change is nothing new, ever-present and often faster than many people can cope with. We live in a world where change is often feared, stability can be elusive and busyness interferes with listening to God.

Using the miracle of the calming of the storm as its focus, Finding Stability in Times of Change considers how the storm symbolises periods of change, transition and difficulty and how the calming influence of Christ helps us to find stability. The book includes practical and achievable suggestions for readers to consider in their own life.

Finding Stability in Times of Change is the very first book published by a brand new, traditional publishing house, Endulini Publishing in August 2022.

 COMING SOON: Looking to Move On

A contemporary story of loss & love. The title reflects the message of the book which is one of hope over adversity and that moving on, rebuilding life, is always possible. This is Richard’s debut novel and will be published by Chronos Publishing in October 2022.

Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2021

Barking Mad, Richard’s first attempt at Flash Fiction, was Highly Commended in this competition. The story has been published in an anthology, Sticks and Stones, available from Amazon in both paperback and for Kindle.

Life with St Benedict

The ancient Rule of St Benedict has a lot to say about modern day work and daily living. In a time when many are seeking space, silence and spiritual depth, the Rule retains relevance in a world where change is often feared and stability can be elusive Life with St Benedict provides daily reflections on the Rule as an aid to enabling personal spiritual growth and prayer. Read more…

A Story to Tell

Everyone has a story to tell. Stories about life and learning. A Story to Tell explores a range of issues including healing, wholeness, devotion, doubting, waiting, finding, betrayal and love. Click here for free download. Abridged versions and new stories are also available online at A Story to Tell. Read more…

The BRF Book of 365 Bible Reflections

Richard was honoured to have been invited to contribute to this special book celebrating the Centenary of The Bible Reading Fellowship. Available from BRF Online.

The Power of Love

Richard was also honoured to be a contributor to The Power of Love, a collection of the top ten entries in Sermon of the Year 2019. Published by LWPT and Preach Magazine.


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