Looking to Move On

Looking to Move On

‘When all seems lost, good things may be around the corner…’ 

Page Turner Award

An Eastwood Story – Book One

On the evening of the launch of his debut novel, Matt West and his wife, Jo are knocked down by a car. Jo dies and Matt is left needing to use a wheelchair. After a challenging few months in hospital, former Oxford rowing blue Matt begins living independently. The driver of the car, Greg Dymond struggles with anger, mental turmoil and guilt but also organises a crowdfunding appeal to help Matt and his young daughter, Tilly. Community Nurse, Sophie Howlett supports Matt with daily living and emotional adjustment. Emerging from her latest unsatisfactory relationship, and with no one else to turn to, Sophie goes to Matt for support. Thus begins a valuable friendship as they seek to move on from what life has thrown at them – and love grows.

‘Richard’s style of writing reminded me of John Steinbeck. Concise, brief, meaningful.’

A contemporary story of loss & love. Not overtly religious, it’s a story of grief and joy, conflict and resolution, tears and laughter – and with a very happy ending! The title reflects the message of the book which is one of hope over adversity and that moving on, rebuilding life, is always possible.

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Looking to Move On is published by Chronos Publishing and is the first book in the Eastwood Story series. It was selected as a finalist for the Page Turner Book Award 2023.

What to know what happens next? Then read Book Two, Living the Difference.

RRP: £9.99

Buy direct: from Richard (£9 + postage)

Or from: Waterstones, Amazon or Bookshop.org

Buy in person: Bridge Books (Exeter), Book Stop (Tavistock), Ripon Cathedral, & Scroll Eaters (Stroud)

Available as an eBook for Kindle & Kobo

ISBN: 9781914529504. Booksellers: this book is available through Gardners or directly from Richard.
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