Life with St Benedict

Life with St Benedict

To discover the Rule of St Benedict is to encounter something that is at once inspiring, supporting, reassuring, challenging. Let this book be an introduction to the writing of a man who will change your life.
Esther de Waal

The Rule of St Benedict has much to say about faith, work and daily living. In a time when many are seeking space, silence and spiritual depth, the Rule retains relevance in a world where change is often feared, stability can be elusive and busyness interferes with listening to God. Life with St Benedict provides daily reflections on the Rule as an aid to enabling personal spiritual growth and prayer.

Benedictine communities use a well-established pattern of daily readings to enable the entire Rule to be considered over a four-month period. Life with St Benedict follows this pattern offering dated readings and reflections. Some of the principles (vows) of Benedictine spirituality are also explored in Finding Stability in Times of Change.

Click to read reviews and to watch a video. Please feel free to leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Richard is himself a lay member (called an Oblate) of the Benedictine monastic community at Mucknell Abbey in Worcestershire.

Listen also to a podcast conversation with Eliot Hearson at Hesperides Media about the Rule and its relevance for today.

The beauty of these short reflections is that they are linked to everyday life and situations and can really help the reader to consider how the meaning and context of the Rule can be applied in our own day.*

There are many similar books, but this one is well written and makes the Rule of St Benedict accessible to all, regardless of the stage of your journey of faith.*

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*Quoted from reviews
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